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windsup 4m rig complete


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windsup 4m rig complete

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Windsup 4m rig complete, ours is purple and white, pics just show overall look

this 4 meter windsurf rig is ready to plug in to any windsurfer or paddleboard that accepts a sail.

Rig includes 4m sail, 2 piece mast, adjustable mast, mast extension and universal.

Unique batten system allows sail to roll up on mast, great for smaller sailors, teaching and higher winds.

The WindSUP is all about bringing windsurfing back to a simpler time but with a

few modern touches. The sail can go from
the roof of your car to the water in under a
minute. Just pull the mast bag off, fold the
boom down and roll the sail out. Attach the
outhaul and you’re ready to go! With its
vertical battens, this sail offers the convenience of keeping the sail on the mast but
still maintains a modern outline with a fat
head and increased area below the boom.
Pop this on a SUP or any longboard and remember how fun windsurfing can be in 5 to
10 knots of wind.

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