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Bahia Skyway V5 SUP

Length – 12?

Width – 33

Capacity: 350 lbs

Weight: 39  +/- 3lbs


Bahia Skyway V5 SUP

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Bahia Skyway: Stable Fishing Paddleboard

Born from a racing heritage, the Bahia Skyway is a luxury cruiser. At 33  wide and with enough volume to hold 350 lbs, the Skyway is a stable fishing paddleboard. Bahia has taken the positive attributes from racing boards and applied them to the Skyway to make it as efficient as possible. Bahia wanted to provide a board that can support a lot of weight and feel feather light and fast on the water.

The Skyway is constructed with Kevlar rails, tail and nose making it more durable than most other paddleboards. The deep V nose helps it cut through flat or choppy waters. With a deep V nose and more squared off rails, the Skyway tracks straighter than many other boards. This means that you can paddle longer on one side of the board before having to change sides. With a stable fishing paddleboard that tracks straight and effortlessly glides through the water, you can get to your destination quicker and more efficiently.

There are 10 attachment points for tie downs, cooler tie downs, carrying strap, rod holders, camera mounts and so much more. On the deck are 6 quarter twenty screw inserts that are compatible with Yak Attack. The inserts give you the ability to get creative and rig the Skyway in a way that suits your needs.

Length – 12

Width – 33

Capacity: 350 lbs

Weight: 39 +/- 3 lbs

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