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2021 Pelican Catch 130 Hydryve


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2021 Pelican Catch 130 Hydryve

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The Catch 130 Hydryve II is a 12’6” rudder controlled fishing kayak that brings pedal drive technology within reach. Made of our patented RAM-X™ PREMIUM material, this fishing kayak is sturdy. light and easy to move. So you won’t need help bringing it to your favorite fishing spot. This sit-on-top features adjustable pedals and foot straps to ensure a comfortable position. Its tunnel hull also provides exceptional stability so you can always expect a pleasant day on the water. The extremely comfortable ergocast G2 seating system is designed with a pocket integrated into the backrest that can accommodate additional lumbar support. With all its exciting components. this fishing kayak is your new best pal for memorable fishing adventures on the water.

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