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2016 Bote Paddleboards

2016 Bote Paddleboards

“We are a stand up paddle brand, we are a lifestyle brand, we are racers, we are surfers, we are anglers, we are industry leaders and we are technical innovators. The technical innovations are what allow us to stand apart. From designing the world’s first fishing specific stand up board to creating numerous industry first advancements, Bote continues to push our sport further. This is what allows our customers to paddle faster, further and with purpose.”

Watersports West is the place to get your Bote Paddleboard! We stock them all as well as all the accessories you need to have an awesome time on the water. We specialize in shipping so if you dont live in the Tampa Bay area you can be assured that your Bote Board will be delivered properly.

2016 Bote Paddleboards have arrived at Watersports West! These boards look and feel a heck of a lot better in person… And they look pretty darn good online. At the moment we have a very limited stock so stop by our shop or give us a call.

2016 Bote Paddleboards
2016 Bote Paddleboards


New for 2016 Bote Paddleboards

The TraveLink System

Bote TraveLink

  • The TraveLink System is designed to get you to your paddling spot more easily, comfortably and without “dead arm” syndrome. By simply clicking in the TraveLink adjustable carry strap to the latch points in the rail of the board, you remove all weight from your hands and carry the board more safely and ergonomically with your shoulders and back.


The BVA Deck Pad

  • Bote’s using a more comfortable deck pad that is brand new for 2016. The “B” logo texture is heat embossed, which is the process of heat stamping the grip texture. This process seals the foam, eliminating water absorption, making the boards lighter and faster than with the traditional deck pads. The texture also provides incredible grip and comfort.


The Paddle Sheath

  • The Paddle Sheath is another industry first from Bote. Staying in form with Bote’s design philosophy, The Paddle Sheath is a functional, minimalistic addition to our Rackham and Ahab paddleboards.
  • Located in the front of the board, The Paddle Sheath allows the paddler to insert the blade end of the paddle into the slot, freeing up the hands for other activities. The Paddle Sheath allows the user to adjust the paddle in the slot at multiple angles and infinite left to right adjustments. Whether its to pick up a fishing rod to make a cast or just to take a break, The Paddle Sheath is a game changer.




  • This is a new universal mounting system. Developed by the SUP Think Tank. ConnexSUP was inspired by the need for a simple solution to mounting an overwhelming number of new accessories being introduced into the marketplace. This is a universal mount that functions as an interface between the deck of a Bote Board and the ever expanding accessory market.


Bote Innovations


Bote Stashpod

Bote Stashpod

  • The convenience of having a place to “stash” your keys or hold your beer is undeniable. With the Bote Stashpod, this special place now resides in your board. Watertight storage, an integrated bottle opener and a place for your favorite beverage; the Stashpod is the ultimate lifestyle addition.


The Tackle Rac

Bote Tackle Rac

  • This is another industry first for Bote. Transforming our compatible boards into personal angling watercraft. They provide the angler 2 rod holders and countless attachment points for 3rd party accessories like additional rod holders to GoPro cameras.



Stakeout Holes

Bote Stakeout

  • Select Bote Boards come with Stakeout Holes. These thru-holes are openings from the deck through to the bottom of the board. By utilizing a “stake” into the mud or sand, your board can stay anchored in place. The Stakeout Holes can also be used to protect your board from theft by running a cable lock through the hole and securely locking.


Watersports West

We believe in trying before you buy. We carry more than 10 different paddleboard brands and before we bring in any board we paddle them ourselves to make sure it’s worth stocking. Our philosophy is that you should know exactly what type of board you’re getting. By offering a free demo, almost every Saturday, you have the opportunity to come paddle all these awesome Bote Paddleboards for yourself! Debating between the 10’6 and 12’? No problem, come paddle both side by side. Interested in the Bote Rackham or Ahab? We bring those boards, as well as many more, out to our demo! For more information on our demo days email us at info@watersportswest.com or call us at 7275177000.

Demo Day Page


For More Information On Specific 2016 Bote Paddleboards

2016 Bote Rackham Bugslinger

2016 Bote Rackham Classic

2016 Bote Rackham Native

2016 Bote Traveller Native

2016 Bote Traveller Classic

2016 Bote HD 12′ Bugslinger

2016 Bote HD 12′ Native

2016 Bote HD 12′ Classic

2016 Bote HD 10’6 Native

2016 Bote HD 10’6 Classic



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